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   Antonov Law Firm - Personal Injury Lawyers

365 Evans Avenue, Suite 504

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Don’t count upon yourself to deal with the insurance companies and their expert lawyers.  Hire a lawyer at Antonov Law Firm to lead your legal claim to an optimum result, and entrust your case to our tough personal injury law firm.

Advancing the rights of injured clients, passionately and assertively

antonov law firm in Toronto

Antonov Law Firm Toronto Personal Injury Lawyer

Antonov Law Firm is a purely plaintiff personal injury law firm, working exclusively for the interests of injured individuals following motor vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents, cyclist accidents, pedestrian hit-and-runs, slip and fall accidents, product liability claims, and other accidents resulting in personal injuries, as well as birth injuries or Cerebral Palsy.

Our firm works only on Contingency Fee basis – which means that you don’t pay until we obtain you compensation, and our fees are based on the percentage amount of compensation we recover for your injuries.

At Antonov Law Firm, your lawyer will work passionately and assertively to advance your legal rights to obtain the highest possible compensation for your injuries, as we are only motivated to maximize your amount of recovery.

Choosing Antonov Law Firm means hiring a lawyer who will guide you through your personal injury claim in a professional and dedicated manner in order to maximize your end result.