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Leonardo Rocha

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365 Evans Avenue, Suite 504
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Leonardo is a Brazilian lawyer who practiced law for more than seven years in the areas of civil litigation and personal injury.  Leonardo is an ambitious, enthusiastic, and highly motivated individual who is always looking to advance professionally, which is why he relocated to Canada seeking challenging international legal education and work experience.

 In Canada, Leonardo went to the Paralegal program at Centennial College where he had a chance to obtain an excellent view of Ontario and Canadian legislation, and putting theory and knowledge into practice during a supervised internship at a personal injury law firm.

His next step in his legal career is registering before the Law Society of Ontario for the accreditation exams to be a lawyer in Canada.

 In his free time, Leonardo enjoys exploring the city, travelling, reading, and spending time with family and friends.

Leonardo Rocha

Legal Assistant

Bachelor of Law (Brazil)

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