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Don’t count upon yourself to deal with the insurance companies and their expert lawyers.  Hire a lawyer at Antonov Law Firm to lead your legal claim to an optimum result, and entrust your case to our tough personal injury law firm.

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Myra Moussa Mohamed

Myra Moussa Mohamed is a Licensed Paralegal at Antonov Law Firm, working predominantly in Accident Benefits.

Through her years of experience working in a rehabilitation clinic, Myra found passion to help other people.  Having knowledge in motor vehicle accident claims gave her a push forward to obtain her paralegal degree, and become licensed by the Law Society, and start helping other people in their Accident Benefit claims.  Her experience of working in a rehabilitation clinic and her knowledge of the law gave Myra an edge to represent clients not only with their motor vehicle accident claims, but also in other types of cases, including Landlord and Tenant, Civil litigation, Tribunal, and Immigration.  But, it is Myra’s passion to represent people involved in motor vehicle accident claims that really drew her back to represent clients in this field.  For 7 years, Myra has been a member in good standing with the Law Society of Ontario (formerly, The Law Society of Upper Canada), representing clients in their Accident Benefits claims and helping them tackle their legal cases with their insurance companies through the Licensed Appeal Tribunal (LAT).  It is through honesty, compassion, knowledge of the law, and hard work, Myra has helped many clients, and she continued to do so through out these years.

​Outside of work, Myra is a full-time mom with two kids, and a devoted wife to her husband. She enjoys traveling with family, and feels very passionate to discover other cultures, places, food, and meeting other people. She is very passionate about cooking, since it is a form of art that you can actually taste, feel, and enjoy with friends and family. In her past time, Myra takes her family hiking, swimming, paragliding, and ziplining, or just simply enjoys spending time with them.

In the Philippines, the country where Myra was born, she learned that family is everything and it is through these values she channels her life, believing that if you have family values, you also have good ethics at work and in life.

Myra Moussa Mohamed

Licensed Paralegal

Tel:  416-477-5956, ext.6024