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3280 Bloor Street West, Suite 1140 Centre Tower, 11th Floor

Toronto, ON,  M8X 2X3

Don’t count upon yourself to deal with the insurance companies and their expert lawyers.  Hire a lawyer at Antonov Law Firm to lead your legal claim to an optimum result, and entrust your case to our tough personal injury law firm.

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Sinthuja Rajasingam

Sinthuja Rajasingam is a devoted Accident Benefits Specialist at Antonov Law Firm.  She is an attentive and committed individual dealing with those who have endured serious injuries as a result of motor vehicle accidents, as well as slip and falls, and other accidents.  Sinthuja has extensive knowledge of Accident Benefits, and she helps injured clients get the benefits they rightfully deserve.

Sinthuja is committed to personal injury law, and understands each client's needs may differ.  She wants to ensure that each client receives excellent care and support at Antonov Law Firm.  Sinthuja has a keen grasp of how personal injury law works, and she is hardworking and committed to ensuring the our clients’ claims are dealt with expeditiously.  Prior to joining Antonov Law Firm, Sinthuja worked in an immigration law firm, dealing with refugees escaping war torn countries in search of a better life, and her compassion and dedication in helping vulnerable clients has fully transferred into the personal injury field. 

Having completed her undergraduate studies in Political Science at the University of Toronto, Sinthuja ventured to London, England to carry on her legal education and where she had completed her law degree.  She is currently an NCA candidate, and completing her requirements to be admitted as a lawyer to the Ontario Bar.

Sinthuja Rajasingam

Accident Benefits Specialist

LL.B., B.A.(Hons), NCA Candidate

Tel:  416-477-5956, ext.6024